Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I have never been one to take myself too seriously. I try not to contemplate the past anymore than I really have to other than maybe thinking about my late grandmother or wondering what happened to an old friend.

Fortunately, most of this year has been worth remembering and hopefully interesting enough to blog about. Well, I'm going to do it anyway.

I mean... heck I should be proud. In the course of 6 months I've stopped drinking, stopped smoking, stopped partaking in herbal refreshment (heh heh), cut meat almost entirely out of my diet, started cooking nice things for myself, started at least TRYING to manage my diabetes, got the papers to sign up for college (which I'm going to get some help filling out), fell completely and totally in love, found God again and started reading my bible and praying every day.

Aside from that, I got back in touch with my own beliefs and have started trying my best to live by them. I've tried to save profanity for when I'm really really mad, I stopped trying to dress to impress others, I embraced my own beliefs on love and family again and genuinely began respecting myself more.

Most importantly, thru the help of some of these wonderful people that have come into my life, I realized that there are still good people in the world that don't want to live life for this second. I found that there are still actually young people that bow their heads and pray. There are people that still obey, respect, and try to take care of their mother and father and plan their life around having a family of their own. There are still places in the world where morals haven't completely been flushed down the toilet. Knowing this is good for my heart.

Now if you're an old friend of mine and are reading this, don't think I've become all high and mighty and judgmental. You can still be my friend if you wanna do things I don't. Just don't expect me to come along for the ride. I'm thankful for knowing that just because someone does something bad doesn't make them bad and for the most important bit of knowledge I've picked up... Though I've always heard it, I've never taken it seriously.

FOLLOW YOUR HEART - It will usually lead you in the right direction.

Hope that wasn't a boring pile of crap. I haven't written in a while.

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g-man said...

that last paragraph is so reminiscent of what i'm going through right now. good one :)

my only crib with it is that i do not think there are any absolute morals