Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby Mousies!

        Ok, I finally had something awesome to blog about, and obviously have been very lazy! About a month ago Sniffles and Splinter had their first set of children. 8 to be exact. Here are the pics finally =)! If you were wondering, I had to crop my toes out of the middle picture. It just looked silly! 

     Yes, I do have a favorite baby. It's the little light colored one next to mom in the second picture and eating out of the bowl in the 3rd. Excuse all the poop. It's cage clean day.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Accidently deleted a post (And a couple on purpose)

I accidently deleted a particularly unoffensive post and got rid of the emo one-line ones I did a while back. Just a note kinda for myself.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Mousies! Yay!

So, I thought I'm pretty much a cat person that likes dogs, but on visiting the pet store today (after having the bastards at the pathology place take 5 farking vials of blood from me) I find that I'm also a mouse person! Maybe it was the blood loss, but these guys were just soooo cute! The girl at the pet store pulled one out for me to look at and though i was expecting bitey and vicious, it was actually just playful and sniffy.
Of course I came home with a mating pair of them. I have too much time on my hands right now and the pet store buys them for $2 so I said why not. I got them an adorable little plastic case to live in with a little shoe so they can cuddle up and hide when they need to. Lucky little things got some of my old broccoli for dinner. They seemed happy.

Of course I got a couple of pics of them for whoever wants to see. They are a bit blurry cause my camera does weird shiat in the lighting in my room. They are adorable though... The boy is called Splinter and I'm still trying to think of a name for the girl. The top one is the boy the bottom the girl. As you can see the boy tolerates being picked up. The girl runs...

I also FINALLY got a swiss army knife. I'd wanted one for a long time. This is the one I picked up. It's simple, but This one was a bit out of my price range. I guess the only thing the one I got is missing is the saw. I kinda wanted that. Not sure what I'd use it for though.

Anyway, that's about all I have to talk about right now.
bye!!! hehe

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I have never been one to take myself too seriously. I try not to contemplate the past anymore than I really have to other than maybe thinking about my late grandmother or wondering what happened to an old friend.

Fortunately, most of this year has been worth remembering and hopefully interesting enough to blog about. Well, I'm going to do it anyway.

I mean... heck I should be proud. In the course of 6 months I've stopped drinking, stopped smoking, stopped partaking in herbal refreshment (heh heh), cut meat almost entirely out of my diet, started cooking nice things for myself, started at least TRYING to manage my diabetes, got the papers to sign up for college (which I'm going to get some help filling out), fell completely and totally in love, found God again and started reading my bible and praying every day.

Aside from that, I got back in touch with my own beliefs and have started trying my best to live by them. I've tried to save profanity for when I'm really really mad, I stopped trying to dress to impress others, I embraced my own beliefs on love and family again and genuinely began respecting myself more.

Most importantly, thru the help of some of these wonderful people that have come into my life, I realized that there are still good people in the world that don't want to live life for this second. I found that there are still actually young people that bow their heads and pray. There are people that still obey, respect, and try to take care of their mother and father and plan their life around having a family of their own. There are still places in the world where morals haven't completely been flushed down the toilet. Knowing this is good for my heart.

Now if you're an old friend of mine and are reading this, don't think I've become all high and mighty and judgmental. You can still be my friend if you wanna do things I don't. Just don't expect me to come along for the ride. I'm thankful for knowing that just because someone does something bad doesn't make them bad and for the most important bit of knowledge I've picked up... Though I've always heard it, I've never taken it seriously.

FOLLOW YOUR HEART - It will usually lead you in the right direction.

Hope that wasn't a boring pile of crap. I haven't written in a while.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm alive!

Nooo I didn't drop off the face of the earth. I've just been stressed out and too lazy to blog. So since I last said anything I've had a birthday. You'd probably crap yourself if you knew how old I am now. (If you don't already know that is.)

I'm on my last day of nicotine patches unless I crave too bad then I will do 1 more week. It's nice to be free of it.

The other day, I bought myself a bible. I realized that for about 7 years I'd lived in a house without one. That's just too weird for someone from Southeast Alabama. I read it every day now. I forgot how interesting it could be to read as well as comforting. Even if you're non religious, proverbs are a good life-guide. I'd like to think I'm becoming closer to God. I want to find a church to go to if I can.

I've been doing lots of work in Photoshop for Second Life. I really want that to become profitable.

Oh! I've also stopped eating meat at home. I have had meat maybe 3 times total anywhere in over 2 weeks. My stomach is thanking me for that. I am finding lots of healthy alternatives and of course I still have fish some.

Anyway, take care you guys. I'm going to go get ready to go out to sushi. Don't want to scare little children with my sweatpants and fuzzled out hair =P. I will try to write more from now on.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yay stealing g-man's tags again!

He gets the coolest tags. I am so jealous! So first I have to tell 10 of my super-secrets. I'm not even sure I have 1 secret that someone doesn't know, but here goes.

1. I have a major guilt complex. I still feel guilty about things I did as a child to the point that it's made me feel ill.
2. I wear socks so little that when I actually do I often rewear dirty ones as long as they don't smell too bad. And yes, I sniff test. (ewwww right? =P)
3. I don't read fiction because I'm afraid it will make me hate my own life.
4. I have (had) a top secret money stash. Now its not top secret anymore.
5. I'm in love.
6. Cartoon movies make me cry 9 times out of 10 that I watch them.
7. Red roses annoy me. I believe they say something about the character of the giver.
8. I have actual conversations with my cats and fully believe that they understand.
9. I still like to play with Barbie dolls.
10.My biggest fear is living without the internet.

Ok this is the "I" tag. Just answer all these like i did.

i am: (prefix a/an as you see fit) silly, immature, sensitive and sometimes a grouch

i think: about the future... constantly.

i know: what I want out of life, finally.

i want: ice cream. that's the 2nd thing i want, but the first could get long.

i have: hope

i wish: i were somewhere else.

i hate: when people choose to live an empty life to make things easier.

i miss: having someone around to hug.

i fear: losing my internet!

i feel: generally happier than I have in my entire life.

i hear: weird alternative music O_O. I need to change this radio station.

i smell: *finds something* butterscotch! It was fairly clean air but that sounded kinda boring.

i crave: my special someone

i search: for a way to make my dreams come true

i wonder: if there's a way for me to change the world for the better.

i regret: losing faith

i love: my special someone, sushi, working in photoshop, my cats

i ache: when i stub my toe? lol.

i am not:the droid you are looking for

i dance: for exercise!

i sing: any chance i get, especially in public.

i cry: when I'm lonely

i dont always: take good care of myself.

i fight: when someone tries to hurt someone I care for.

i write: way too much in one blog post!

i win: when i don't give up.

i lose: when I second guess myself.

i never: imagined my life would be like it is.

i always: wear perfume when I go out.

i confuse: few people. I'm quite transparent.

i listen:to weird music.

i can usually be found: at the PC

i need: something to concentrate on constantly.

i am happy about: my life turning around.

i imagine: what my kids will look like.

i tag: Rainy, Bob, and YOU, yeah, you, the person reading this.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


G-man tagged me with this "me collage" thing and I tried it. I may have messed up or broken some rules but It'll have to do =P

Here is why I put what I did here.

1. The moon in the background represents the fact that I'm a night person.
2. The stars and wings are for my best friends, who are my angels.
3. The heart represents... My heart!
4. Then there's the bandage that protects it and holds it together. Not everybody needs to get that reference I don't think.
5. NO SMOKING! That seems to take over my life at some points and be all I can think about, but I'm going to stay strong.
6. Coke Zero!!! My caffeinated lifeblood, woohoo!
7. The big cat - Is soft and pretty but not very nice when provoked. Plus I love felines of all kinds!
8. The image itself um... kinda represents my love of photoshop =)
9. The red tones represent my mood right now. Don't worry it's not at you!