Saturday, June 21, 2008


G-man tagged me with this "me collage" thing and I tried it. I may have messed up or broken some rules but It'll have to do =P

Here is why I put what I did here.

1. The moon in the background represents the fact that I'm a night person.
2. The stars and wings are for my best friends, who are my angels.
3. The heart represents... My heart!
4. Then there's the bandage that protects it and holds it together. Not everybody needs to get that reference I don't think.
5. NO SMOKING! That seems to take over my life at some points and be all I can think about, but I'm going to stay strong.
6. Coke Zero!!! My caffeinated lifeblood, woohoo!
7. The big cat - Is soft and pretty but not very nice when provoked. Plus I love felines of all kinds!
8. The image itself um... kinda represents my love of photoshop =)
9. The red tones represent my mood right now. Don't worry it's not at you!


Sriram said...

good work, hera...
since most of the 'tagged' have done the tag, now i can safely say my jpg is the worst looking!

g-man said...

awww, bandaged heart...why?

cool, me a night person too. mostly!

cold coffee is my lifeblood :) that and pepsi

and i suck at photoshop!!!

HeraShort said...

Oh the bandaged heart is a happy thing. I didn't see this comment til now. The bandage represents someone very close to me that's kind of holding me together.
Lame huh