Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yay stealing g-man's tags again!

He gets the coolest tags. I am so jealous! So first I have to tell 10 of my super-secrets. I'm not even sure I have 1 secret that someone doesn't know, but here goes.

1. I have a major guilt complex. I still feel guilty about things I did as a child to the point that it's made me feel ill.
2. I wear socks so little that when I actually do I often rewear dirty ones as long as they don't smell too bad. And yes, I sniff test. (ewwww right? =P)
3. I don't read fiction because I'm afraid it will make me hate my own life.
4. I have (had) a top secret money stash. Now its not top secret anymore.
5. I'm in love.
6. Cartoon movies make me cry 9 times out of 10 that I watch them.
7. Red roses annoy me. I believe they say something about the character of the giver.
8. I have actual conversations with my cats and fully believe that they understand.
9. I still like to play with Barbie dolls.
10.My biggest fear is living without the internet.

Ok this is the "I" tag. Just answer all these like i did.

i am: (prefix a/an as you see fit) silly, immature, sensitive and sometimes a grouch

i think: about the future... constantly.

i know: what I want out of life, finally.

i want: ice cream. that's the 2nd thing i want, but the first could get long.

i have: hope

i wish: i were somewhere else.

i hate: when people choose to live an empty life to make things easier.

i miss: having someone around to hug.

i fear: losing my internet!

i feel: generally happier than I have in my entire life.

i hear: weird alternative music O_O. I need to change this radio station.

i smell: *finds something* butterscotch! It was fairly clean air but that sounded kinda boring.

i crave: my special someone

i search: for a way to make my dreams come true

i wonder: if there's a way for me to change the world for the better.

i regret: losing faith

i love: my special someone, sushi, working in photoshop, my cats

i ache: when i stub my toe? lol.

i am not:the droid you are looking for

i dance: for exercise!

i sing: any chance i get, especially in public.

i cry: when I'm lonely

i dont always: take good care of myself.

i fight: when someone tries to hurt someone I care for.

i write: way too much in one blog post!

i win: when i don't give up.

i lose: when I second guess myself.

i never: imagined my life would be like it is.

i always: wear perfume when I go out.

i confuse: few people. I'm quite transparent.

i listen:to weird music.

i can usually be found: at the PC

i need: something to concentrate on constantly.

i am happy about: my life turning around.

i imagine: what my kids will look like.

i tag: Rainy, Bob, and YOU, yeah, you, the person reading this.


g-man said...

lol, lotsa tags going around this month :D

wow, you and i are a lot different. i don't regret most of the stuff i did. everything except for one.

fiction is cool! it helps me get away :)

i have actual conversations with almost all the inanimate objects around me and they respond

i've stubbed my toe so many times there's no feeling in it any more :|

what's your kinda music?

HeraShort said...

I'm getting over the guilt and regret gradually. I definitely don't like it. I wish I could just take lessons with me instead of thinking of the actual thing I did. Would be so much easier!

And yes! Fiction is very cool... I just know when I start to use something to get away I take it too far. Plus, I love learning.

Have you had the responsive inanimate objects thing checked? =)

My kinda music is any kind that's pleasing to the ears. I could love something 1 hour and not be able to stand it the next.
I hear new music and fall in love with it. I'm kind of so sick of most pop that anything sounds good though.

g-man said...

get it checked? whatever for?!? at least i have company

HeraShort said...

Good point =D